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LOOK Classic | LOOK KEO 2 Max | LOOK KEO 2 Max Carbon
LOOK KEO Blade Aero | LOOK KEO Blade 2 Ti | LOOK Blade 2 Cro-Mo

Shimano PD-5800C | Shimano PD-6800C | Shimano PD-9000

Speedplay ZERO Stainless

TIME Pedal Xpress 12 Ti Carbon | TIME Pedal Xpress 8 Carbon
TIME Pedal Xpress 6 Carbon | TIME Pedal Xpress 2 Carbon

At Semi-Racer we sell products we use, know, and trust.

With many years of riding and racing experience, the Semi-Racer
team can help you understand what product to buy within your
budget and why it's the best choice for your personal cycling needs.
Semi-Racer has a great range.

We currently stock the brands and models above but will custom order
in all products in those brands available to Australia ... come in and see us.