Every new 3T product design starts with a clean sheet. Our base is a
Zen clarity; a laser-like focus on best engineering practice; and lateral
thinking that tests every possibility.
Aerodynamics are a critical success factor for all cyclists who
want to ride faster. 3T goes beyond making parts that go
faster. Our aim is to make parts that make the rider faster.
The numbers we get from our wind tunnel sessions are
not theoretical, they describe how our aero designs help
the real-world rider perform better.
Safety is at the heart of our product design. Riders
always want lighter and faster, but this can never be at
the expense of safety. 
At Semi-Racer we sell products we use, know, and trust.
With many years 'of riding and racing experience, the
Semi-Racer team can help you understand what product
to buy within your budget and why it's the best choice for
your personal cycling needs. Semi-Racer has a great range.

We currently stock the models below but will custom order
in all 3T products available to Australia
... come in and see us.