Shimano moves to the next generation. Reduced shifting effort
lets you concentrate on riding. More control thanks to improved
ergonomics. Unbeatable reliability gives you confidence.
Tested in competition and taken to victory by pro riders in all
conditions - on the road, across the pave', through the mud.
Team Shimano is comprised of people all over the world,
working together to fulfill a dream in which more people ride
bikes, and the bikes they ride shift better, brake better and
perform better overall. 
At Semi-Racer we sell products we use, know, and trust.
With many years 'of riding and racing experience, the
Semi-Racer team can help you understand what product
to buy within your budget and why it's the best choice for
your personal cycling needs. Semi-Racer has a great range.

We currently stock the models below but will custom order
in all Shimano products available to Australia
... come in and see us.