Zipp's unrivaled wind tunnel development process is more than just a glorified photo shoot. We start with literally dozens of non- structural SLA prototypes that we can reshape on the spot to hone in on the fastest design. The ones that make the cut return as structurally sound prototypes that we re-test to confirm our original findings before we ever make a production quality molding tool. Zipp's mission is to help you go faster.

If 20 years of making carbon fiber wheels have taught us anything, it's that aerodynamics don't have to come at the expense of strength, durability, or comfort.

Zipp uses the world's best hubs to deliver a little bit of extra speed, every second of every ride.

At Semi-Racer we sell products we use, know, and trust. With many years 'of riding and racing experience, the Semi-Racer team can help you understand what product to buy within your budget and why it's the best choice for your personal cycling needs. Semi-Racer has a great range.

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